The following talks are related to Airplug and its applications.
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Comosef workshop in Compiègne (14/12/2016)

Road Hazard Detection Using Distributed Data Fusion
B. Ducourthial
October 2015 22nd ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France.

The Airplug Software Distribution (2010)
B. Ducourthial with demonstrations by P. Crubillé, F. El Ali and S. Khalfallah
17/06/2010 Exposé Ecole d'été Rescom 2010, Giens, France

Design and Experimentation of a Data Collection Protocol for Vehicular Networks
Y. Dieudonné, B. Ducourthial, S.-M. Senouci
June 2011 CFIP 2011 Sainte-Maxime, France.

A Light Architecture for Opportunistic Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication
F. El Ali, B. Ducourthial
October 2010 ACM MOBIWAC 2010, Bodrum, Turkey.

Vehicular network emulation
A. Buisset, B. Ducourthial, F. El Ali, S. Khalfallah
17/06/2010 19th Int. Conf. on Computer Communications and Networks, Zurich, Switzerland ICCCN2010

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