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Comosef road-tests (14/12/2016)

We terminated the European Celtic Plus project Comosef with a large road test in Compiègne, involving 10 vehicles and 3 convoys. This experiment illustrated the interest of our distributed data fusion algorithm to cooperatively detect danger and to cooperatively propagate the information.

ph-test-comosef-9027-2016-12-14-resized.jpg ph-test-comosef-9030-2016-12-14-resized.jpg

ph-test-comosef-9032-2016-12-14-resized.jpg ph-test-comosef-9042-2016-12-14-resized.jpg

Fête de la Science 2016

This event is organized every year in France to explain to the public the research work at the university. The vehicular networks team participates every two years in Compiègne.

As in 2014, talks and videos explained the interest of vehicular networks for road safety and intelligent transportation systems, open problems to be solved and the solutions we explore to solve them.

Moreover, a demo using our network emulator and some mini-PC connected remotely allowed children playing by exchanging voice messages when vehicles are close in the map. As the voice messages are forwarded from vehicles to vehicles, funny situations appeared.

This year, we also added the possibility to send road alerts to friends, including banana… These alerts appeared on the maps of other vehicles and also on the web. These days, it seemed that the roads around the university were plenty of banana, snow, storm, heavy rain… at least according to the Airplug web site!



Mid-term Comosef workshop in Compiègne (21/03/2014)

We organized the mid-term review workshop of the European Celtic-Plus project Comosef in Compiègne.

ph-comosef-compiegne-2014-03-n2685.jpg ph-comosef-compiegne-2014-03-n2683.jpg

ph-comosef-compiegne-2014-03-n2686.jpg ph-comosef-compiegne-2014-03-n2688.jpg

Lab experiments

This photo shows the remote mode of the Airplug Software Suite with the vehicular network emulator. A PC runs the emulator Airplug-emu, displayed in the large screen (using a video-projector). The mini-PC run some Airplug applications, connected to the emulator using the remote mode. A connection between two mini-PC is available only if the corresponding vehicles are connected in the emulation. This allows to reproduce in lab the dynamic network observed on the road. All communications are wireless, which allows to better reproduce the natural phenomena of WiFi.


Fête de la science 2010


Road tests, June 2009

Road tests, Compiègne, 30 June 2009.

(Almost) all the team during road tests of 30/06/2009

Vehicles equipments Embedded unit Inside vehicles Unit in action Using screens

Testbed planning Vehicles in convoy Vehicles in convoy Vehicles in convoy Happy passenger

Platform, March 2009

Platform in March 2009 - Embedded unit Platform in March 2009 - Convoy of units, with a 3G card

Fête de la Science 2007

Platform deployment at the “Fête de la science”, Compiègne, Octobre 2007.
Inter-vehicles applications (chat, alert…) between two vehicles plus a stand. Explanations of routing for computers, fixed phones, mobile phones and vehicular networks.


photo-caremba-fete-de-la-science-2007-scenic.jpg photo-caremba-fete-de-la-science-2007-stand-br.jpg photo-caremba-fete-de-la-science-2007-strada.jpg

Road tests FTR&D-UTC 2007

Joint road tests using 6 vehicles, Compiègne, 26 March 2007


Platform, January 2007

Platform January 2007 - Embedded unit Platform January 2007 - Cabinet for Airplug-lab

Road tests in Compiègne, 2006

Road tests in Compiègne, 26 October 2006

photo-caremba-tests-2006-10-26-clio.jpg photo-caremba-tests-2006-10-26-strada.jpg photo-caremba-tests-2006-10-26-twingo.jpg

Road tests at Michelin, 2005

Road tests on the Michelin Circuit, Clermont Ferrant, France (March 2005)

Michelin Circuit Scenic UTC near the Michelin Circuit

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