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 +====== What is it ======
 +The Airplug software distribution allows designing distributed applications and protocols suited to dynamic networks, that is to say whose terminals are communicating on the move and can switch from active to inactive.
 +These networks include: pedestrian networks equipped with communicating terminals (phone...), networks of communicating robots or drones, vehicular networks.
 +New problems arise with these networks, in the medium access layer, the network layer (routing messages), the transport layer (eg. data streams between terminals), the construction of distributed applications ( eg. data sharing), the security, the confidence...
 +The Airplug software distribution is dedicated to these studies. It allows experimentation in the field or laboratory. This work began following the //Action Specifique//​ of the french [[http://​www.cnrs.fr|CNRS]] named Dynamo in 2002-2003 (Structural Analysis and Algorithms for Dynamic Graphs).
 +====== Direct links ======
 +  * French //Journées Spécifiques du CNRS// ReVe 2016 (__Ré__seaux de __Vé__hicules) :
 +    * [[en:​team:​reve2016:​accueil|ReVe 2016]]
 +  * Comosef road tests in December 2016
 +    * [[en:​doc:​slides:​start#​comosef_workshop_in_compiegne_14_12_2016|Presentations]]
 +    * [[en:​doc:​photos:​start#​comosef_road-tests_14_12_2016|Photos]]
 +    * [[en:​doc:​movies:​start#​comosef_road-test_14_12_2016|Videos]]
 +====== Contacting us ======
 +  * See [[en:​intro:​who|this page]] for contacting us.
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