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Adding a hen in the nest

After installing the nest, you can add a hen to help managing the chicken (aka the applications). If you do not install any hen, you have to manage connections by yourself using the shell facilities (see the nest documentation). It is ok for quick tests or simple scenario. If you want more, a hen is useful.

Several hens are available depending on your needs:

  • A live hen for real deploiement; this is the Airplug-road mode.
  • An emulation hen for emulating the dynamic network into your computer; this is the Airplug_emu mode.
  • A simulation hen for playing with the applications into the Network Simulator ns-2; this is the Airplug_ns mode.
  • A remote hen for playing with the applications remotely, using network connexion to join other applications. The remote mode can be used conjointly with the emulation mode.

Live hen

For running the Airplug-road mode, you need to install the live hen APG. This hen allows to manage chicken (that is, the applications) for a real deployment, using many computers. We use it for experimentations on the road for instance.

Emulation hen

For running the Airplug-emu mode, you needs to install the emulation hen EMU. This hen allows to manage many chicken (that is, the applications) into a single computer, by reproducing the network and establishing connections automagically. We use this mode for prototyping and testing our applications.

Simulation hen

For running the Airplug-ns mode, you need to install the simulation hen. It is composed of some add-ons for the Network Simulator ns-2 (the installation of ns-2 is required). This mode allows to run the chicken (that is, the applications) into the simulators with few modifications. We use it for studying the scalability of our protocols and for comparisons with others.

Remote hen

For running an Airplug application remotely, you need to install the remote hen. It allows to connect any applications to others, using a socket on any network (wired, wireless…). By combining the remote hen and the emulation hen, an hybrid emulation is obtained. This hen is composed of the RMT application and its library

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